Yumemiru Free App For iPhone Allows You To Control Your Dreams


When we dream, it’s very rare that we take control of our dreams because they just come and go. Sometimes, it disrupts our sleep that leads to having lack of sleep and we can’t control what we want to dream so we can have a goodnight’s sleep. But everything changes thanks to a Japanese made iOS app that helps in maximizing the time you need in sleeping…and sleeping only.

The Yumemiru app takes controlling your dreams to the next level by leveraging the bundle of sensors in your smartphone. It activates you phone’s microphones so it will know when you are in the REM sleep—where you begin dreaming and prone to suggestion. Then the app lets you choose eight different scenarios so you can have the dream and sleep that you want. You can choose dreams for the romantically disposed, for the in-love, for peace or just for dreaming such as a walk in the forest, getting rich, flying, or going to the beach. Once you have selected the dream you want to drift off, the app is played in the background and detects the time that you will go in the REM sleep.

The soundtrack of the dream will stimulate your dreams and lets you share it in your social media sites so it can stick to you and interpret it in many ways and develop your innovative thinking.

The Yumemiru app is free to download at the iTunes and supports iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4/4S and 3rd/4th-gen iPod Touch devices. Try it now!

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