Xiaomi Box: China’s Apple TV Alternative, Price Details


The Apple TV hasn’t made any headway in the rich Chinese market yet, although China’s citizens do have their pick of affordable TV set-tops and dongles to keep them entertained. However, affordable sometimes equals to a product that leaves much to be desired. So the reports that known Chinese smartphone developer Xiaomi is rolling out the Xiaomi Box have been met with excited interest.

Also known as Xiaomi Hezi, the set-top box boasts of Milian technology, a feature that lets users stream photos, music and videos wirelessly to the TV. It’s also compatible with the iPad, iPhone and other Android phones that are powered by the MIUI operating system. Visual entertainment has never been so exciting and diverse as Xiaomi’s partners open up their collection of more than 100,000 movies. Aside from the dizzying movie choices, the Xiaomi Box is also preloaded with beloved games like Bejeweled and Plants vs Zombies. Applications like Douban Music are also integrated.

The Chinese company has so far been very good at keeping the specs and details about the Xiaomi Box a secret, but leaked images that recently cropped up has given consumers an idea on what the Box would look like. It appears that the Xiaomi Box is bigger than the Apple TV and sports a single Ethernet, HDMI and USB port. The design is simple but sleek, with a black exterior that has tapered sides and a simple Mi logo at the top.

Insiders say that the Xiaomi Box will be rolling-out by the middle of December and that it will carry a price tag of ¥ 399 Yuan, which is about $64. Aside from the huge difference in pricing (Apple TV is priced at $99), Xiaomi does have a home court advantage since it has great third-party support and customized features.


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