Xbox 720 a.k.a. Durango Leaked In Xbox World; See Specs & Release Date


Xbox World, the games magazine from UK, has revealed some speculations concerning the upcoming game console from Microsoft. Dubbed as Xbox 720 (Durango), it is said to be packed with the latest version of Kinect, directional audio support, and Blu-ray playback. Moreover, the next-gen Xbox would also be equipped with TV output/input connectivity, allowing it to work as a PVR and home media hub without any restrictions.

The last issue of Xbox World games magazine, January 2013, is hitting your favorite magazine stands in December and they are doing it with a bang. All the information you need to know about the Xbox 720 (Durango) is fully detailed in the 8-page article from the magazine.

Xbox World has managed to use the leaks from Microsoft and other sources to create a 3D picture of how it imagines the next-gen Xbox would look like. In the picture, the console has the same glossy appeal and the familiar VapourMG magnesium alloy found in a Surface tablet. The silver band is modeled after the new touch keyboard and the Arc Touch mouse.

More features include a four-core chipset that comes with 16 logical cores, AR glasses, and a RAM of 8GB. The Xbox 720 (Durango) will have a coming out party at the next E3 in June 2013.


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