Wii U GamePad Prototype Exposed Before Official Release


A prototype of GamePad, Wii U’s primary controller, has been unveiled featuring a tape, a display and two remotes. The prototype was discovered from Nintendo’s EAD development team – the one responsible for developing new game concepts for the Wii. The GamePad controller was an improvement from the original Wii Zapper concept that features a gyroscope and a small screen.

Although the final product could not be determined with accuracy, it could feature a couple of controls and buttons located at the sides of the screen built from a double-sided sticky tape and some barebones hardware. It is essentially focused on party game, Nintendo Land.

The prototype was conceptualized when a development team had expressed its desire of integrating Nintendo’s franchises into one Wii U GamePad and went forward tinkering with the various prototypes for its eventual realization.

To recall, Wii U features an optical disc downloadable format with gyroscope, accelerometer and camera motion controls. It is a wireless type in 8Gb with first generation backward compatibility. The online features include a browsers, a store, a voice chat and multiplayer. System storage includes a hard drive and an SD memory card. It was released on November 18, 2012 at the original price of $299.99. Nintendo will soon reveal the product in its final form.


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