Updated Sony STR-DN1030 Features AirPlay And Better Audio Quality


Because of technological advancement, our generation has been able to listen to music, watch movies as well as personally taken video clips wherever we may be and anytime we want to. All we need are devices to play these items along with ear phones or speakers. However when we want to watch movies or television clips on a bigger screen while frolicking in the couch with popcorn in our hands, we have to prioritize the best audio.

Sony has updated the audio device released last year to serve better auditory quality. Last year’s STR DN-1020 is now the Sony’s STR DN-1030. The device features 7.2 audio channel and wireless streaming capabilities via AirPlay – along with available Wifi connectivity. Users can also stream media contents from one of Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) services like vTuner, Pandora and Music Unlimited.

The STR DN-1030 is also compatible, attuned and certified by the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) which allows functions such as finding or playing movies, downloading, sending or playing music as well as uploading, sending, printing or displaying pictures. The device can also be controlled via IP and can start wherever user chooses to begin with through Bluetooth connections.

Interested consumers will be able to experience the Sony’s STR-DN1030 Home Theatre with AirPlay support as it hits stores in mid-July at a selling price of $499.


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