Unidentified Black Drone Reported Hovering At JFK Airport


A purported violator of Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) rule was seen on Monday by the Alitalia Flight #608 pilot. The pilot described it as a black drone with four propellers and is about 3 feet wide. It was also reported to be soaring some 1,750 feet altitude.

The plane was some three miles away from the runway 31R of John F. Kennedy International Airport when the pilot caught sight of the illegally-flown drone which was said to have similar looks as the Aeryon Labs “Scout”.

The said occurrence adds up to the concern of the report warning from Government Accountability Office to the Congress regarding the hazards of the existence of drones in the U.S. airspace alongside with genuine commercial and private aircrafts.

These dangers result to issues of privacy, security, and even GPS jamming and spoofing. All of these are mainly due to the fact that drones lack adequate on-board detection systems which are very useful to prevent air crashes.

FAA has already set a limit of 400 feet altitude for drones and other remote-controlled airplanes.

Thus, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is urging anyone who has knowledge of the not yet clearly identified unmanned aircraft to call their office immediately.


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