True Crime: Hong Kong — Release Date and Gameplay Updates For This Year?


Just when we thought that Activision has finally ditched this game off its grounds, a new hero known by the name of Square Enix has officially saved this promising game from its downfall. The game has been dropped by Activision in order to focus more on their online games.

That’s right! United Front Game’s ‘True Crime: Hong Kong’ will be finally be a part of Square Enix. But, it will be published with a new name and perhaps, we should expect a revamp on its gameplay.

The game’s official date of released has not yet been announced. But what we do know is that its story will revolve on the factions of police and criminals. The player of the game will play the character of Detective Wei Shen (a member of the HK Triad Bureau) where he will be assigned to play as an undercover agent to infiltrate the Triads. The game will be set in Hong Kong.

As for its gameplay, True Crime: Hong Kong will most likely be offered in a single-player mode. It will be a third-person action sandbox that will be composed of a variety of fighting scenes and undercover operations.

The game is currently compatible with PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 systems.

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