Toshiba To Launch First Tegra 4 Powered Tablet


You would think that with the Tegra 3 chip being successfully used in a number of Android and Windows 8 devices, NVIDIA wouldn’t have any problem marketing the Tegra 4 processor. But it appears that isn’t the case, with mobile companies still wary about integrating the processor in its tablets. However, it looks like NVIDIA has caught a break as several reports have surfaced that Toshiba is about to release a tablet that will be powered by the Tegra 4 sometime by the middle of the year.

Analysts have given several reasons on why NVIDIA is experiencing some trouble securing support. For one, Qualcomm has already established a strong relationship with companies like Acer and Asus. Plus, the two Taiwanese companies seem to be more focused on releasing budget tablets these days so they’re more likely to choose cheaper processors. If they do consider the Tegra 4, it will probably be only in a back-up capacity. Big companies like Samsung, on the other hand, develop their own processors so NVIDIA will find no joy there.

The Tegra 4 might be laboring to compete against other processors, but it seems NVIDIA is prepared to do what it can. It’s been reported that the company might cut down the price of the Tegra 3 to strengthen its standing and gain more entry-level clients. However, analysts are still unsure of whether or not this move is enough to make the processors more attractive to companies.


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