Tobii REX USB Brings Eye-Tracking Feature To Any Windows 8 PC


Another innovation in the eye-controlling technology will surely get an exciting spot in the CES 2013 next week. Now you can control a Windows 8 devices with your own eyes. You’re reading it right as Swedish developer, Tobii Technology has just introduced a new product called REX, which is an eye-controlled interface that is a USB-connected peripheral that adds eye-tracking capability to any connected Windows 8 PC.

The Tobii REX is slightly larger than a pen and looks like a stick. It needs to be mounted on the base of a laptop screen, monitor, or in any known controls like the keyboard, touchpad, or mouse via USB port. Once attached, it will start to track eye movements. The user can perform zoom, scroll, auto-center and open windows by just using his/her eyes. However, with its great use, this isn’t made to replace the keyboard and mouse.

Tobii has been around in this eye-controlling technology for several years. This device was first seen in CES 2012 in its exclusive use of Tobii’s proprietary Gaze interface. Tobii has also introduced its first eye-controlled video game known as EyeAsteroids years ago.

There is no price and availability information released yet for the desktop-only consumer version. Currently, they are offering 5,000 units of a special limited developers edition starting today for $995.

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