Swann Platinum-HD Security System Streams Contents To Smartphones/Tablets


Swann has announced the release of their new product made for a more secured surveillance, which has been claimed to be the first of its kind – the Swann Platinum-HD security system. Equipped with four 1080p cameras with 30 frames per second in every recording scheme, the product has been made to be more precise in capturing events inside or outside a house or a small business establishment, or in any places where the cameras have been installed, whether it is daytime or night time.

The Swann’s security system has a storage of 2 terabytes, a pretty big one, that can able to store amounts of captured footages from continuous surveillance starting on the first day of installation up to the 45th day. The video capturing is accurate and quality-oriented with its four NHD-820 surveillance cameras that are all capable of producing 1080p high definition videos, and has been integrated with night vision reaching 115 feet from installation place, giving a guaranteed footage capturing inside or outside a building every day and night.

As for the recorded videos, typical security systems will produce footages that can only be viewed in a computer, but the Swann Platinum-HD Security System is capable of streaming all captured videos over the Internet using an Android or an iOS smartphone through the free SwannView app.

The product will be hitting stores in two versions – the Platinum-HD 4 Channels that costs $1599.99, and the Platinum-HD 8 Channels for $1699.99.

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