Star Wars 1313: Release Delayed Due To Development Problems


The surprise acquisition by Disney of Lucasfilm has dismayed a lot of Star Wars fanatics. Understandably, purists were worried how the House of the Mouse will affect the franchise while gamers were concerned about what this would mean for the Star Wars 1313 game. And now it appears that fans have been right to worry as rumors surface that the game has been put on hold.

Star Wars 1313 is a third-person adventure game where one takes on the role of a bounty hunter doing business on Coruscant’s 1313 underworld. The game, which was being developed by Lucasfilm, is said to be more brazen, mature and focuses more on fast and heavy weapons and gadgets instead of lightsabers and force chokes.

LucasArts initially said that the deal with Disney wouldn’t affect the game, but some sources now say that Disney is more focused on the upcoming Star Wars trilogy and has no interest on material that’s not connected to Episode VII. However, there are insiders who’re saying that Disney just wants to take advantage of spin-off films that the company is reported to be working on too. If this is true, it would make sense that the company would want the game to be released in time for a movie tie-in.

Fans were expecting to see Star Wars 1313 in this year’s EA, with the release scheduled for this year as well. Now that the delay seems inevitable, the game might be pushed as far back so as to take advantage of new generation consoles.

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