Samsung F9500: 55-inch OLED TV Flaunts Multi-View Feature


For parents or lovers who had to suffer through watching a TV show that another person has chosen, Samsung has a unique offering that will solve this problem. The company has unveiled the F9500 OLED TV, the first TV to have a multi-view feature.

Samsung’s F9500 is a 55”behemoth that gives two people or more the chance to watch two different shows in full HD glory. To make use of the Multi-View feature, one should use the special 3D glasses that Samsung has developed specifically for this model. The glasses have their own built-in speakers and controls for the channel or movie that one wants to watch. According to Samsung US senior official Joe Stinziano, this new feature is made possible because of OLED or “organic light-emitting diode” technology.

Samsung’s F9500 OLED technology emits blue, green and red sub-pixels so the need for backlighting is eliminated. This also creates images that are crisper and more vivid because pure blacks and whites are produced. Aside from the razor thin profile and high resolution screen, this TV model also boasts of a 20% lower power consumption and a quad core processor based on the architecture of an ARM Cortex A15.

The South Korean company aims to release this magnificent OLED TV this year but so far, Samsung is keeping mum on how much the F9500 will cost.

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