Rumored Sony Phablet Set To Compete With Galaxy Note II


We’re just a couple of months into the year and Sony has already made waves with reports of its upcoming products. A new tablet the company will soon be releasing was in the news last week and now the Internet is all abuzz over a leaked photo that insiders say comes from a phablet that Sony plans on releasing in the summer.

The photo in question shows a gloved hand holding what looks like a 6.44”, 1080p display screen, prompting rumors that Sony is working on a phablet of its own that will go head to head with Samsung’s Galaxy Note II. The said image was initially seen on the Digi-wo forum and shows a hefty display screen with wafer thin bezel and a miniscule Sony logo at the top of the display. There’s not a lot of detail that can be garnered from the photo, but some have already made their analysis and believe that the design of the on-screen button and the placement of the camera shows that it’s designed like a bigger Xperia Z.

Of course, the photo might just be one big hoax perpetuated by people with too much time on their hands. But the 2013 Mobile World Congress is fast coming up and a lot of people are willing to bet that the event is the perfect time for Sony to unveil the Xperia Phablet.


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