Rumored HTC M7 Now Known As HTC One, See Evidence


The past few weeks saw rumors about the HTC M7 coming out almost every day. Most of the rumors surrounding it is about its processor, camera, sound and powerful display that’s stacked with sensors packed with ultrapixels. Some of the rumors are also inevitably about the smart phone’s official name. Now a reliable source of rumors (as far as rumors go) has reported that the HTC M7 will officially and simply be known as the HTC One. And evidence that has recently cropped out indicates that the source is spot on.

One of the said evidence is a UAProf image taken by an HTC device that has a 1920x1080p resolution that’s listed simply as the HTC One. But not everyone thinks of this as convincing evidence since information seen in UAProfs are notoriously unreliable and are said to be made for devices that haven’t been announced yet. On the other hand, there’s a big possibility that HTC will continue its pattern of using the moniker One when naming its handsets. After all, they have the One S, One V and One X.

In any event, the mystery of the HTC M7 will soon be answered. HTC is planning to make an official announcement about its next flagship smart phone on February 19.


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