Robo 3D: Low Cost, Open Source 3D Printer For Enthusiasts


The idea of someone being able to print his or her own handbag or shoes has been around for years. There have been several companies who have attempted to come up with a successful 3D printer, but the high price tag that came with it was a big hindrance. But the developers of the Kickstarter project RoBo 3D believes that they have created the ultimate 3D printer.

They have collaborated with the best minds in the business, and together with their own exposure with 3D printers, have come up with a high-quality hardware that can put out excellent prints. The best part is that this printer is very affordable. An investment of just $520 can give the investor a completely assembled RoBo 3D printer that just needs to be plugged in.

The RoBo 3D printer takes a plastic filament which is then melted into thin layers. It continues printing as many layers as it takes for a physical object to emerge. The fact that the material used is biodegradable is a big plus. The machine can be used by people from all walks of life, from architects, businessmen, hobbyists to homeowners and students. Popular 3D modeling software like Solidworks or Google’s Sketch Up can be used.

RoBo 3D’s Kickstarter run is quickly drawing to a close. With just 31 days left, this low-cost, desktop printer has already garnered a huge following, with $84,000 worth of investments to show for it.

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