Redesigned MySpace Features Justin Timberlake, New Features Revealed


If you are seeing a lot of blue in the layout of your MySpace profile before, then today, you might see less of it but rather more of gray and white color as the social networking site has undergone a new make-over for its design and layout. Named as the “New MySpace”, the social networking site has become unrecognizable at first glance, and right from the login page, it was like mixing two elements into one – socializing and love for music, as they have featured Justin Timberlake in their site.

Before criticizing the new design of MySpace for its flaws, let’s get to know what great things it has shown to the public. The “New MySpace” offers a new layout like you are looking on a computer’s Desktop. Some site features are all held at the bottom of the page, while the others, such as the user’s profile picture, and the Stream, Library, People, Settings, Sign Out, Invite Friends and Post buttons, are located on a dark gray panel on the left side. The site offers discovering the New MySpace through the descriptions provided on the right as well.

But with all of these things, MySpace must give an explanation, at least, on what the new design is all about, as it was like the social site become an online music store because of Justin Timberlake’s new song “Suit & Tie” being promoted in the front pages of the site. Many have found a great contradiction with this one. And other than that, MySpace users have also experienced difficulties in signing in to their old MySpace accounts, as to one person has received an error after logging to his account, and another one has met “Your home page is undergoing routine maintenance.” And for most of the people, the New MySpace was referred to as an “Internet Ghost Town” when they have checked it using their accounts because of the grey color, and that some profiles were not updated like the 4-year old pictures that they have were still there – and it’s kind of creepy.

But overall, the “New MySpace” has offered an amazing twist in the world of modern social networking. Though many have seen the site through an invite-basis, MySpace has not yet stated about the official launch of the new site because of developments still on-going.


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