Razer Upgrades Sabertooth Xbox 360 Controller, Price Announced


A well-running game controller is nothing to scoff at. As any serious Xbox 360 gamer knows, a good controller can make a big difference between winning or losing. So there are a lot of things to consider if you’re thinking of changing your controller. You can go get the official Xbox one or you can consider a third-party design. The folks at Razer are actually hoping that gamers consider the latter solution and give their new and improved Sabertooth controller a spin.

The Sabertooth controller might look like its predecessor, the Onza, but with some serious changes. The Sabertooth’s design is more ergonomical and the button layout has been improved. The D-pad has been reshaped and the start and select buttons are now placed near the dual analog sticks. But undoubtedly the best changes that the new controller has are the two-way triggers found at the bottom of the controller and the programming system that allows users to customize the controller using the OLED display screen.

Aside from all the tweaks and improvements Razer’s designers made to the Sabertooth, they haven’t forgotten the two most crucial features, the size of the controller and an anti-sweat coating. The Sabertooth’s size is a perfect fit for most gamers and the weight won’t be a hindrance even with non-stop play sessions. The controller also has a coating of an anti-sweat material that makes gripping the controller easy and smooth.

All in all, the Sabertooth is a great Xbox 360 controller, but the price tag of $79.99 is definitely not something that ordinary gamers would likely spring for. However, serious gamers would probably think of it as a worthy investment.

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