Razer Revamps DeathAdder Black Edition Mouse With New Features!


The world of gaming is not as exciting without a mouse. Thus, a lot of companies are putting their best efforts in building the best gaming mouse in the market.

And speaking of which, Razer has recently launched its newest gaming peripheral – the DeathAdder Black Edition mouse.

According to Razer, the mouse is a product of the company’s five years of extensive research. It is a mouse built to celebrate every gamer’s satisfaction and success. But most of all, it is a mouse that has been proven to provide the ultimate gaming accuracy.

But unlike the previous DeathAdders, the Black Edition is quite unique. It is built with a special form factor that is covered with a complete-black finish. Aside from this, the mouse is also designed with new non-slip rubber sides that provide the most comfortable grip.

Other features of the DeathAdder Black Edition include a 3500 dpi Razer precision, a 3.5 G infrared sensor, 1000 Hz Ultrapooling/ 1 ms response, On-the-fly sensitivity adjustments, Gold-plated USB connector, 60 to 120 inches per second and 15 g of acceleration, 7 feet lightweight braided fiber cable, Zero-acoustic Razer gaming grade Ultraslick mouse feet and 5 indepently programmable Hyperesponse buttons.

So if you want one, the mouse is already available for orders and its worth $59.99.

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