PS4 User Interface Goes Official With High-Res Photos


The just concluded PlayStation 2013 event might not have lived up to fans expectations but recently released screenshots showing the PS 4’s new interface might be what’s needed to sate curiosities. The interface is reported to be replacing the XMB (XrossMediaBar), which is being used by the PS3, PSP and other Sony mobile devices. The screenshots also show the interface that mobile devices will be using, but at this point, it’s not clear if it’s a Remote Play app or a standalone app.

The images show an achievements screen, a news feed, some shots of live streaming from a phone and tablet and interestingly enough, a Share screen. Sony did mention during the event that with the new interface, players can show and share their game play and friends can watch, comment and even join in the game and help.

Another thing that’s apparent on the screenshots is the focus on social interaction and streaming. Aside from the images of gameplay streaming, one can also catch a glimpse of social pages, user profiles, photo and video sharing. Insiders have been quick to point out that for all the social content being shown in the new PlayStation interface, it appears to be a cut above the ad-heavy screens of the Xbox 360.

Some of the screenshots look very similar to those shown during the PS4 launch, but at least now there are more details for gamers to go over while waiting for the console to arrive at year’s end.


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