PlayStation 4 Orbis Rumored Unveiling At Sony’s February 20th Event


There’s recently been an uptick in chatter regarding the next Sony PlayStation. There have been rumors that Sony will be unveiling the PlayStation 4, which has been given the moniker Orbis, on February 20. And a YouTube video (see after the break) that shows the familiar circle, cross buttons, square and triangle symbols of the gaming console has almost literally confirmed that the arrival of the PS4 is almost upon us.

Very little details about the PlayStation Orbis have been confirmed, but reports say the gaming console will carry an AMD64 8 core CPU and a R10XX AMD GPU. Changes have been made to the controller as well. Along with the usual buttons, the new controller is said to have a touchpad and a Share button so players can easily share videos and screenshots online. Reports have also indicated that the last 15 minutes played on the PS 4 Orbis will be recorded and saved for posterity- and maybe some editing before the shot is uploaded and shared.

Despite the evidence that points to a PlayStation coming out event, it’s hard to tell what exactly the company will show. There’s a big chance that Sony might wait for its rivals to show their hands first. February 20 might also just be a simple prelude to the upcoming E3 trade show. Whatever the case may be, PS fans will just have to continue their waiting game.


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