PlayStation 4 Eye Unveiled, See How It Works


After weeks of hype, Sony finally unveiled some of its up and coming products. Even though it only received a few minutes of air time, one product that stood out was the new and improved PlayStation Eye. Shaped like a bar, the PlayStation 4 Eye is a camera designed to be integrated with the DualShock 4 controller to give gamers a better gaming experience.

The PlayStation’s second-gen Eye has two 1280 x 800 cameras, with one camera doing motion tracking and the other focusing on picture quality. They are also responsible for the PS Eye’s depth sensing, facial recognition and improved player positioning features. Aside from that, the PS Eye also has a field of view of 85 degrees and four integrated microphones.

The PS Eye works in conjunction with the Move controller and the upgraded design will make it possible for the DualShock’s system to recognize players via the LED light bar. Face login and voice control is also possible with the PS Eye.

Unfortunately, the Sony PlayStation event left a lot of people unsatisfied with the dearth of information. Up to now, the company is keeping quiet on the PS Eye’s availability, pricing and whether or not it will be included in the PS 4 package or sold as a separate accessory.

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