Parrot eBee Drone Had Its Flight Debut At CES 2013


Drones have been quite controversial recently, but it hasn’t stopped Parrot from showing off its new creation, the eBee, at this year’s CES. Aside from manufacturing Bluetooth headsets, the company is also known for creating the A.R Drone, a helicopter that can be controlled by both iOS and Android devices.

The eBee is the first product out of the collaboration between the French company and Swiss start-up Sensefly. The eBee is an aerial mapmaker that carries a GPS and a camera, making the drone very effective in 3D mapping and shooting videos. It can shoot and record hundreds of very precise images that are then transmitted to a specially designed software which then creates a 3D image that can be used by miners, architects, urban developers and which can also be very effective in disaster management and emergency situations.

The eBee boasts of a wingspan of 3 feet, which can easily be removed to fit into a carrying case. It’s also easy to activate; a simple shake starts the motor and the user can just toss it into the air like a paper airplane. It can remain airborne for 45 minutes in winds of 45km/hour.

Both companies have developed quite a formidable network of resellers all over the world, except the US where drones are being monitored and clamped down by the US Federal Aviation Agency. However, it doesn’t matter yet at this point since there’s no fixed time frame when the eBee will be out in the market.


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