Panasonic WiGig Wireless SD Card: Impressive Features and Release


At present, Panasonic is in the process of developing applications that can be integrated into the latest wiGig gigabit wireless communications technology. The main concept is to develop a communications module that is compatible with WiGig to be incorporated in an SD memory card.

Although Panasonic is still currently building up the prototype of the SD card that supports WiGig, the company has already revealed the possibilities of a number of activities that can be carried out with such development. These involve the transmission of photos, videos and other data from a wireless controller to display screens that you can find in passenger seats of cars.

By means of gigabit speeds, it can be expected that an entire DVD video can be wirelessly transferred in just a single minute. In addition, there will also be an increased capability for the tablet to connect with the computer of a car. As a result, users will be able to simply view relevant information, including the car’s battery capacity or the amount of air in the tires themselves.

The implementation of WiGig entails the use of a 60GHz spectrum in order to transfer data through gigabit speed. Owing to a number of limitations, such as the range that it can cover (1 to 3 meters), this will not be as highly effective as the present WiFi standards. Nonetheless, Panasonic is still currently working towards improvements for the WiGig wireless SD cards to be used in different situations. These cards are set to be released for use inside vehicles in 2013. See its recent demo below.

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