OScan Smartphone Accessory Prevents Oral Cancer Casualties


In this world with different apps, nothing could be more fantastic than having one app that supports your health. Oral cancers keep coming out to people in surprises and this could lead to unexpected disasters, expenses and other bothersome situations.

So what’s the great news? You can have oral cancers detected by your very own smartphones!

Oscan is a device that works with your smartphones by taking pictures inside your mouth. It then transmits the image to your smartphone which detects the signs of oral cancer. It will alert you positively once it saw some possibility of cancer in your mouth. This will prompt you to get treatment the soonest time possible.

Oscan is just a simple attachment as small as pocket chewing gum. It should be attached to your smartphone in order to work. It will use the energy of your smartphone’s battery. It will lighten your mouth with fluorescent light emitting diodes. This kind of light will help reveal cancer cells that will be scanned by the smartphone. Oh! The bad news by the way… It is not yet universally available. But I know you can deal with that easily. We just have to wait for few months and you’ll be surprise to see it in your stores.

Before, apps were just used for entertainment and fun. And never, I have imagined that it could have some life-saving effect. But the presence of Oscan is a huge step to both medical and entertainment field. With the rise of this technology, we can expect to have more heroes just right in our pocket!


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