Nokia Windows RT Tablet May Include Keyboard w/ Battery Attachment


The tablet wars just got more interesting with news that Nokia is working on its own tablet that they’ll be releasing in the first months of 2013.

According to unconfirmed reports, Nokia is developing a device with a 10-inch screen, will run on Microsoft’s new Windows 8 RT operating system and a keyboard similar to the Surface RT tablet. The company is adding HDMI and USB ports and is also working with carriers like AT&T for cellular access. Of course, the company would also want to bring something more to the table especially since they’re on a quest to regain their place in the tech world. One feature that has been the subject of several rumors concerning Nokia’s RT tablet is its keyboard cover.

Those familiar with the Windows RT tablet knows that the keyboard cover also hides an extra battery. Nokia is said to be focusing on developing a cover that will enclose the device like a book. The design is similar in some ways to Asus’ Transformer. The spec shows that the cover will click into place to provide the tablet with a kickstand that will prop the screen up. Its internal battery can power the tablet once the power runs low.

Despite all the details that have been swirling around Nokia’s new project, the company has been remarkably quiet about it. But insiders believe that Nokia is just waiting to surprise consumers during next year’s Mobile World Congress.

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