New Apple Thunderbolt Display Rumored To Have Thinner Profile, Release Date Still Unknown


It was recently reported that stock supply for Apple’s Thunderbolt Display has been dwindling on leading third-party online shops like Amazon and MacMall. Mac theorists have immediately speculated that this event was a move from the company in order to introduce a redesigned version of its monitor in the future.

Among several changes Apple was rumored to integrate in the Thunderbolt Display were the two features which the current iMac has – thinner outline and new display assembly processing. The original Thunderbolt Display mimics several features of the older 27-inch iMac, but for the product’s redesigned version, Apple has planned to incorporate what their latest iMac has – the integration of new laminations and more vivacious color shades to this standalone display’s latest variety.

Aside from these awesome features to integrate in the currently top-selling Thunderbolt Display, Apple is also in the move to update the product’s USB 2.0 ports to USB 3.0, and equipping a charging station in the display itself through a MagSafe 2 port applicable for Mac notebooks.

The release and the price of the redesigned Apple Thunderbolt Display was not yet reported, but if you are to look at the original version of the product, it costs $999 at the Apple Store.


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