Mobi-Lens For Phones & Tablets Include Universal Camera Accessory


Bored with the current effects your device’s camera has? Well, Mobi-Lens offers additional- not to mention really cool- effects to aid you in your photography habit!

The Mobi-Lens – unlike its counterparts- works well with the camera of smartphones and tablets from a number of brands as iPhone, HTC, Samsung, Blackberry, Motorola, among others.

Mobi-Lens has introduced its patent pending accessory that presents three features. For one, Mobi-Lens wide angle feature having the lens that has a smaller focal length lets one take a picture of a wider view of a scene. Also, it features the macro lens that enables the device’s camera to capture close-up shot of tiny objects. And finally, it has a fisheye lens. This particular feature further utilizes a wide angle lens that creates a visual distortion resulting in a panoramic or spherical picture.

The lens is very easy to use. One just needs to clamp the lens onto the device. The lens can easily be adjusted to fit the device’s camera appropriately. The company behind the lens recommended that user remove the device’s case or holder in order to produce the best-quality shots.

It has been assured that the lens is durable enough to be clipped on the device but is gentle enough to not damage the device it is attached onto. The said lens can be purchased at $40 each or one can opt to buy a pair at $65.


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