Skype To Replace Microsoft Windows Live Messenger This March


The end is near for Microsoft Windows Live Messenger. The plug for the popular chat messaging service will euphemistically be pulled on March 15, 2013 and will be replaced by Skype. Millions of Windows Messenger users have already been advised to transfer their accounts to Skype or risk losing their chat service.

The popular Skype service was bought out by Microsoft in 2011 but the computer giant was surprisingly slow in merging the Internet communications program to its Windows system. But it seems that Microsoft is now making up for lost time and wants to streamline and consolidate all its products to make it easier to manage in the coming cloud-based era.

Microsoft has already emailed its millions of users and advised them on what to do to make the transition smoother. Windows Messenger users should download and install the latest version of Skype, log on using their Microsoft account and they’ll see that their contacts are already available.

There have been mixed feelings about this move. Some users are happy with the merger while some are skeptical about using Skype. Most are saying that the program is complicated and not very user-friendly, pointing out that searching for a contact would bring up numerous profiles. However, insiders believe that this is the only way to go for Microsoft. After all, it’s much more complicated to maintain two communication systems.

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