Microsoft Surface Pro Coming To US & Canada Next Month


It’s now apparent that Microsoft is really serious about wanting a bigger piece of the tablet pie. The company has announced that it will be releasing the Surface Windows 8 Pro on February 9. This is the second Surface tablet from the company and boasts of being heads above the Surface RT tablet that was released last year.

Technophiles can now run the whole gamut of Windows programs with the Surface Pro which has an Intel Core i5 processor and the full Windows Pro. This puts the Surface Pro at par with a desktop or laptop, only it’s 0.53-inch thin and weighs just 2 pounds. While it’s definitely lighter than a laptop, the Surface Pro is heftier than the Surface RT. Microsoft has also revamped the Pro’s specs, giving it a 1,920 x 1,080 HD display and 4GB RAM. Every Surface Pro also comes with a stylus that’s pressure-sensitive, making writing and drawing by hand easier and smoother. However, it doesn’t come with a keyboard slash cover which will cost an extra $100 or so.

While Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet is undoubtedly a big improvement over the Surface RT, it also costs more which might become a sore issue with some interested consumers. The price tag for the Surface starts at $899 and adding either a Touch Cover or a Type Cover will cost one an extra $120 or $130 respectively. But for those who think the steep price is worth it, the tablet will be on sale starting February 9 at Best Buy, Staples and Microsoft’s own online store.

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