LG Will Manufacture Its Own Mobile Chips In 2013


Korean tech giant LG is taking its empire to a higher level as the company reveals its plans on designing chips that would rival leading brands such as Samsung and ARM Mobile. LG has already started on figuring out the appearance and functionalities of their own chips so that they will have sole control over their products’ processors.

Assumptions were made that the new set of chips from LG will be unveiled sometime in January 2013 in the United States during the January’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Gadgets such as smartphones and televisions are believed to be the carrier of the newly innovated H13 (Home Entertainment 2013) chips. Some analysts claimed that LG might find it hard to compete among known chip makers such as Broadcom and the previously mentioned Samsung and ARM.

For clarifications, LG is still not yet geared towards manufacture of their own chips. They employed around 900 computer experts who will work together to come up with a viable design but they will leave the production of chips to their partner Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company who is known for the 28-nanometer processors.

It does not sound bad at all if LG will decide on creating its own chips since tech giants Samsung (LG’s main rival) and other companies design and produce their own chips.

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