LG Smart Activity Tracker: Wearable Tech For Health Buffs


A wrist-worn gadget is what characterizes LG’s latest tracker gadget but all its innovative features make it a unique wearable tech. It is something every fitness-savvy wants judging from its functionalities and specs. LG presented at CES the Jawbone UP or Nike+ FuelBand look-alike, the Smart Activity Tracker that sports a dotted display (LED), a rubber coating and a USB clasp.  But unlike the Nike+ and Jawbone UP, its Fitness Band app works comfortably in both Android and iOS allowing monitoring, tracking and sharing of activities.

It is equipped with an accelerometer and Bluetooth for wireless connectivity to a smartphone allowing users to view the metrics in real-time. It also syncs with Let’s Dance or any fitness apps and the company’s smart TV. The gadget is swipable through a touchscreen providing the comfort of not repeatedly pressing a button. A GPS monitors the pace of any activity, from running, sitting or walking and it can inform the user about incoming calls and text messages. Both the GPS and the accelerometer work to measure the activities of a user.

Although the prototype at CES seems to be real, a final form is not expected until summer. A feature that is essential in monitoring bodily movements, a heart monitor, might be added in the final or future design. LG remains mum on the price for now.

(credit: ndtv.com)

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