JVC 8K Projector (DLA-VS4800) Available For A Hefty Price


No one can say that JVC is a company without a vision. During the CEATEC 2008, the company unveiled a prototype of an 8K projector. Fast forward several years later and it appears that JVC is now read to ship out its 8k Super Hi-Vision projector named the DLA-VS4800.

The DLA-VS4800 is expected to utilize the company’s e-Shift pixel technology and D-ILA display panel. The projector actually has a resolution of only 4K 4096 x 2400 pixels, but it generates two images that alternates at 120 Hz, thereby doubling the resolution and making it appear like its 8K.

Right now, JVC’s 8K projector has the field all to itself so there’s no way to compare this new gadget with others. The only device that can probably go head to head with JVC is Sharp’s 8K Super Hi-Vision LCD, but so far, the company has no plans of releasing its prototype yet.

It’s hard to imagine this type of projector being found in private homes. For one thing, the ostentatious price tag isn’t really family-friendly, it’s more suited for a museum or planetarium. There’s also the question of content since the only available input right now is limited to 4K. JVC’s latest baby will soon be hitting the Japanese market with a staggering price tag of 25 million yen or roughly $261,000.

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