Ivy Guide Translator Pen Scans & Translates Books Instantly


Language translation can never be as hard as we used to think. There is a new concept introduced in a prototype product called the Ivy Guide by its designers: Shi Jian, Sun Jiahao, and Li Ke. It is a translator pen device that can rightfully fits on different types of pens and pencils. When a word is being underlined, it scans the text right away and projects the translated version into another language in a snap.

This handy device is still in its conceptualization stage but surely an exciting innovation that will help not only international students but people in general, to better understand their reading materials conveniently anywhere.

The scanner tip of Ivy Guide adjusts instantly to any preferred writing tool. It has a translating button that needs to be pressed before underlining a text. Doing so will allow the reader to see the projected translated word based on the preferred language. The translated version can be cleared immediately by pressing the same button again. The device also has an onboard USB port that allows it to be connected to a laptop or PC and transfer data; and charge it as well.

Price and release date details remain a mystery as of this moment. Be sure to check back often.


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