iPhone iOS 5 OTA and PC Free: Release Date and Download This Fall


If you are still having trouble over updating your iPhone using a desktop / laptop computer well Apple has some good news! As part of its upcoming iOS 5 update, several features and enhancements will be introduced to users including the “PC Free” feature for your iOS gadgets. Read on to know more.

With the latest iOS version, you can now activate your smartphone right off the box without the need to sync it into the computer. Another treat is the addition of over the air updates which mean that you can now receive changes without the need to plug your handset. Audiophiles will also be getting a few tweaks because now they will be able to sync their iTunes libraries with Wi-Fi connections.

And while this updates has been announced to be limited for Verizon at least for now, we believe that there is no reason for it to be exclusive on Verizon only.

It is also worth to note that the new device will feature iOS 5 iMessage service that works similar on what we see on BlackBerry only the messages will be between iOS users. Apple says that iMessage will work over Wi-Fi and 3G technologies. Users will only have to tap the camera icon and pick a picture to use it.

iOS 5 is compatible on iPhone 4 and 3G, iPad, iPad 2 and iPod Touch 3rd and 4th generations. The new iOS version is set to be released this Autumn 2011.


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