iPhone 5 Price Will Be Cheaper — Size Still The Same!


Contrary to previous rumors we’ve heard about Apple’s plans on making a smaller version of the iPhone, the tech company will be releasing a new iPhone version (iPhone 5) with cheaper price while maintaining the same dimensions like its predecessors.

The rumored “iphone Nano” is far from being released because it isn’t necessarily cheaper to build one plus it is harder to operate. Developers would also need to miniaturize their apps to fit on the handset – which Apple doesn’t like. Plus, old versions of the iPhone become cheaper once a new one is released in the market.

Instead, Apple is planning to introduce the iPhone 5 with cheaper hardware specs – including camera, memory size and other components – in order to drive its total cost down. Among the top money-devouring components of the previous iPhone is its flash storage. To solve that, Apple has to improve its MobileMe service – an online storage for music, photos and data. The company is planning to introduce the service for free. With MobileMe , users will be able to access and synch their data wirelessly to any of their devices.

Another feature that could be added is voice command. This feature is an alternative method for the virtual keyboard which sometimes annoy users. The new iPhone might have NFC (Near-Fields Communications) though, it will be introduced on a different manner compared with Android.

It is expected that the new iPhone will be released 4 months from now. So, stay tuned for more details.

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