HP EliteBook Revolve: Laptop/Tablet Hybrid, Price Still A Mystery


HP seems to be enticing electronics consumers with their annual release of convertible laptops. This year, they have something better to offer – the HP EliteBook Revolve. What makes it different from other convertibles? The new innovation from the tech giant runs on the recently released Windows 8 OS.

Flip the lid and turn it into a tablet or fix the monitor in an angle where it can be seen by target viewers. You also have the choice to pick between Windows 8 and Windows 7 as your operating system. This multi-functional device can also withstand adverse occasions with its magnesium alloy framing that only weighs around three pounds. Tested in compliance with military standards, EliteBook Revolve will be with you through ups and downs.

Its 11.6-inch Gorilla Glass monitor comes in 1366 x 768 resolution. This ultrabook houses a 256GB storage unit that processes on Core i3/i5/i7. You can breach the boundaries set by its 4GB RAM by adding another one on the empty slot.

Quite notable for its networking facilities, LTE system in the United States and the HSPA+ from other parts of the world is highly accommodated by this device. Indeed, Hewlett Packard’s EliteBook Revolve is something worth waiting for until March 2013. Price is still a mystery though so you still have enough time to save money for this dream convertible laptop.

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