HDHomeRun Prime CableCard For PC: Price Announced


TV technology will be one of the forefronts next year with another catchy selling point, “Anywhere on your network”. With Silicondust’s announcement of its new product HDHomeRun Prime CableCard, watching 1080i high-definition television on your home computers and even access premium US digital cable channels without the cable box will now be possible.

This digital cable TV tuner for computers is the first DLNA certified live TV Digital Media Server (DMS) tuner capable of delivering live TV shows. It allows you to watch, pause, rewind, record, and even schedule live TV shows via Windows Media Center. It has three tuners, 1 RF input, multistream CableCard (M-Card) compatible, 1000baseT (gigabit Ethernet) network interface (backwards compatible also with 100baseTX networks) with 1 year warranty.

You will be needing a dual core PC with 2GB RAM, 4-8GB disk space per hour of HD recording, 1-2GB per hour for SD recording, 100Mbit or 1000Mbit Ethernet network, Windows 7 OS, subscription to a digital cable service, CableCard (M-Card) from your cable provider. This can also be accessed with other HDHomeRun products, Xbox360, and iPad 2.

To install, connect the HDHomeRun Prime into your Cable and home network. Do not forget to insert the M-Card given by your cable company then connect the power. Install the HDHomeRun Prime app software and follow the setup installation instructions. Access your Window Media Center in Windows 7 PC, remember to install Play Ready and activate the M-Card.

The phase 1 release or Project Connect makes premium cable TV access to new and existing HDHomeRun Prime clientele with roll-out of compatible hardware list this December. In phase 2, Silicondust will announce product line expansion, more of live TV apps, and exciting revelations for this product at CES 2013.

Price release is at $249.99 but release date is not yet disclosed. Stay tuned.

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