Google Rumored To Release New Nexus 10 With Upgraded Specs


Google unveiled the Nexus 10 during CES 2013 and its impressive design and features were certainly eye-catching. But as remarkable as it was, users immediately noticed that the tablet was a bit underperforming when compared to other tablets. In response to this, Google is said to be revamping the Nexus 10 by way of a new graphics chip and processor.

To counter the disappointing performance of the original, the new Nexus 10 is said to come with a better display, a quad-core processor and an 8-core Mali-T678 GPU, making its performance equal to that of a desktop computer. Impressive though the changes are, the company does consider them a minor revamp since the exterior will remain unchanged. Those expecting a more thorough make-over will have to wait till next year for it.

However, all these alleged changes still fall under the realm of speculation until Google confirms it. Another thing that’s still being speculated on is when and where the Nexus 10 2G will be unveiled. Some are saying that next month’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is the perfect opportunity for Google to show off the revamped Nexus 10, while others are saying that the device will make its first appearance at the Google I/O scheduled for later this year with a roll-out set for August or September.

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