Google Glass Unceremoniously Banned In A Seattle Bar


The highly-anticipated Google Glass has already caused a lot of individuals and business owners to doubt on the device’s impact regarding privacy issues. One particular bar in Seattle has just made public its decision to ban the Google Glass inside its premises as using it is deemed to be violating the privacy of its valued customers.

Google Glass

The Seattle dive bar which is more popularly known as ‘5 Point Cafe’ explains that customers who go to their place would certainly not welcome the idea of having their identities revealed. With Google Glass’ unique filming and videotaping features, it would really be irksome for these customers to have their videos secretly recorded and worse, uploaded over the Internet.

While some may think that the Google Glass’ features mentioned above are smart and innovative, others have a different way of seeing it. Google Glass is now being viewed as a potential privacy intruder and it poses a certain level of unexplained threat once it becomes a mass-owned device.

So far, the 5 Point Cafe has been the very first business establishment to ban on the Google Glass. It remains to be seen however if other businesses would follow suit. Perhaps certain laws and regulations would even need revisions once the device which costs $1500 finally comes out.

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