Gogo ATG-4 In-Air Connectivity Offers Faster Internet Access To Passengers


Gogo envisions of providing great communication technology even at 30,000 feet. When it comes to in-flight internet, we immediately think of the name Gogo. This is especially the case for those workaholics who can’t seem to be away from the things they do even for a two-hour flight. On the other hand, even though people are thankful for the current in-flight services that Gogo delivers, there are still some aspects which other complain about. One thing that comes to mind is that of low connection speed. This is probably because a lot of people would like to connect to the internet and the plane’s system can only provide so much.

As an answer to all the need and complaints, the company has introduced the ATG-4 which is a next-generation service with better capacity and connection speeds. They say that in theory, the peak of the bandwidth can go as high as 9.8Mbps which is three times more than the service they offer today. For now, the new service will be available in only 25 aircraft. US Airways, Virgin and Delta are some of the operators of planes carrying the ATG-4 service.

Hopefully, the company will be able to install the ATG-4 to as many as 100 aircrafts before the last month of 2013.

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