Future Google ChromeBooks To Integrate Retina Display?


Chromebooks appear to be saturating the market these days, with companies like Acer, HP, Sony, Lenovo and Samsung all carrying different types of the laptop. But a recent YouTube video has started the rumor mill grinding, with analysts and technophiles waiting to see if Google is finally going head to head with the retina laptops of Apple.

The aforementioned video has a teaser ad feel to it and shows a Chromebook that has an uber high-definition screen. Not a lot of details can be gleaned from the short video, but it does appear to have a display screen with 4 million pixels and a 2560 x 1700 resolution. There’s also a rumor going around that this Chromebook might be a touch screen, a feature that’s definitely more than what a Retina Macbook offers.

The video, which was created by Slinky.me, has already been pulled out from Youtube amid claims from Google that their account was hacked. There’s a ring of truth to this claim, as the logo for the company’s channel was recently changed to that of Guy Fawkes, the face of Anonymous. Of course, there’s also a chance someone at Google screwed up and accidentally released the video and they needed a cover story. Whatever the reason for the video’s appearance is, it has peaked people’s interest on the upcoming Google I/O 2013 which will happen in a couple of months.

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