FreedomPop Unveils Hub Burst Modem With Free 1GB/ Month Internet Usage


People enjoying internet connections at the disposal of Clearwire WiMAX are now offered with an alternative that is proven cost effective. After long periods of extensive researches, FreedomPop has finally come up with a broadband provision that offers lots of benefits to its users.

Through its new FreedomPop Hub Burst, a modem/router in one, new subscribers can avail the company’s free monthly 1GB data package. However, this promo is not applicable to those who utilize the internet up to high extents. Heavy internet users may apply for a $10 subscription inclusive of 10GB usage. Those who prefer a pay-as-you-go offer may venture with the $5/GB promo.

Customers who applied for the service may experience high-speed internet connections faster than DSL network providers. Set up transpires in just a few minutes making FreedomPop known for their efficient services that do not require appointment prior to installations.

FreedomPop extends increased data when free users participate in promos and mingle with friends. To interest you further on this deal, it is good to know that this all-in-one modem (4G) and wireless router can support up to 10 devices.

The new FreedomPop Hub Burst modem can now be pre-ordered for only $89. Start enjoying faster internet connection at low rates – said to be 80% cheaper than other DSL providers.


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