Fiat Ready To Ship 500e Electric Vehicle By Q2 2013


At this time and age, more and more inventions are popping out to create a greener world ahead. In that pursuit comes the invention of electric vehicles and one that’s new on the line is Fiat 500e. The Italian company has just unveiled their new EV model at the LA Auto Show. This car shows off iconic Italian design with a great mix of performance and range plus a consistent battery performance across all weather conditions.

Delving into this vehicle’s specifications, we’d see a 111HP motor that runs with by a 24kWh battery. With that, you’ll get to have a power of 147 pound-feet torque, pretty good for a such a small size. Estimated range is 80 miles or up to100 miles for city driving range. It’ll get pumped up with power, via 240v outlet, in just four hours time.

You can even connect to vehicle information through the Fiat500e Smartphone App which works on Android and iPhone. The app will give you updates on real-time vehicle status, energy use tracking, manages charging, provides vehicle location as well as nearby charging stations, gives out routes to the vehicle and also providing SMS alerts.

Fiat 500e will be made available for the eager folks starting second quarter of next year in California, though no prices have leaked out yet. Folks in other parts of North America will have the chance to get one by mid of 2103.

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