Facebook To Allow Comment Editing, Wall Posts Not Included


Ever posted a long comment on Facebook only to find that you’ll need to retype the entire comment again because you’ve made a few typos?

Well, worry no more Facebook users as the social network giant is now allowing you to edit your comments moments after you have posted it. Here’s how: remember that “x” button found on the upper right corner of your comment? Well, you just click on that and instead of deleting your comment; the comment input field opens up again.

However, there are limits to the users editing powers. Apparently, , if someone else comments before you are able to click the “x” button, the feature then is no longer accessible. A notification appears on the post’s author and those others who have commented if a comment has been edited and reposted. But if email notifications are enabled in their account settings, then they will receive emails on the original as well as the edited versions of the comment so you’d still need to be careful on what you post. There’s also a feature that allows users to view the comment editing history, allegedly included to let readers understand the context of the conversation.

Unfortunately, this feature of Facebook is available only for comments and not on wall posts and news feeds. The feature is available now on the website although sources are saying that users of the mobile version won’t be able to enjoy it yet.


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