Download Final Fantasy VII Remake For PC with Unreal Engine — Play It Today


For a long time, Square Enix has been waffling on their Final Fantasy VII franchise, with FFVII prequels Before Crisis and Crisis Core doing rather well in the market, but sequel Dirge of Cerberus flopping horribly in ratings. The FFVII series has been left alone with a few hints of a possible remake while the developers pursue other Final Fantasy games and the Kingdom Hearts series. However, it seems like a few fans have gotten tired of waiting for a sign, and decided to make their own remake.

The fan project, titled Final Fantasy VII Remake, so far covers the early portions of the original game, and is made with the Unreal Development kit, a game development tool by Epic Games. While the music consists of the original game’s music scores, the settings were made from scratch. However, character designs were ripped right from Crisis Core and Dissidia Final Fantasy.

While the graphics look good, the gameplay itself seems to be a little shaky, especially in first-person view and battle mode. Cutscenes are especially awkward to watch, as the characters act stiff and unrealistic.

So far, fans have divided opinions, but they can all agree on one thing. Fans would rather leave the franchise behind as a memory of the 90′s gaming days.

There’s also a huge chance that this remake may never see completion, as Square Enix is no stranger to remakes, and pulling the plug on them. Two remake attempts and a sequel attempt via ROM hack of the company’s Chrono Trigger had been met with cease & desist orders, banning anyone from using ROM hacks of the game to create their own. As this FFVII remake is receiving a lot of attention, it may be a matter of time before Square Enix shoots this one down. The Windows demo can be downloaded here. Watch the gameplay demo below.

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