Crayola Light Marker For Kids, Unveiled On CES


CES 2013 has started and one product that shows a lot of promise is the Light Marker, a collaboration between Crayola and Griffin Technology that aims to get children to happily draw on air. The Light Marker is basically a kiddie laser pointer that goes beyond annoying people with its red flashing dots.

The Light Marker is designed to look like a white Crayola pen that connects with the front-facing camera of an iPad. The marker senses hand movements and this lets children to draw freehand, color and paint on the screen without actually touching the iPad screen. This would undoubtedly make parents rest easier when their young children play with the family iPad.

To use it, kids should touch the tip of the battery-operated Light Marker to the camera and then point it in the direction of the iPad. This would automatically bring up a menu with choices for crayons, markers and paintbrushes. Children can then choose their preferred colors and even choose the settings they want. The Light Marker comes with a free app that features other activities like puzzles and games and is needed for the marker to work.

Griffin Technology and Crayola will be rolling-out the Light Marker in spring for $30 but a special iPad app for the marker will be released this month for only $3.

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