China Puts Its First Vehicle (Jade Rabbit) On Moon, U.S Shrugs


China has successfully landed a Jade Rabbit rover on the moon allowing it hosts to observe Earth from the distance. It marks a new era of exploration effort about the Moon which had experienced no landings since 1976. China is collaborating with other space agencies for the transmission of additional information about the earth’s sole satellite.  It’s a robotic landing and China’s first rover on the moon but the landing of Chang’e 3 spacecraft on December 14 is good for two weeks only.

It had snapped a total of 59 pictures as it prepared to land but was also able to get a nice view of the moon upon touchdown. Unlike the U.S. and the Russian soft landings, China’s made some precise calculations to avoid obstacles upon landing through state-of-the-art detectors and other useful parts. The Jade Rabiit rover already took 4600 images of the moon just a day after the land but these were not released to the public yet.

The spacecraft starting orbiting the moon  five days after being launched and controllers here in Earth work round the clock to allow the spacecraft to land on the moon as soon as the coast is clear. China is the third country after US and Russia to make a soft landing on the moon in decades.

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