ChargeCard: Smallest Charger For iPhone & Android


There’s always room for innovative and useful products in today’s world and numerous designers are coming out with their own projects. One such promising project is the ChargeCard, a smartphone charger that can fit in a wallet.

A brainchild of Adam Miller and Noah Dentzel, the ChargeCard is as big as a credit card but a bit thicker. Made from ABS plastic, the card has a 30-pin connector on one end and a flexible, foldable strip that has an open USB connector at the other end. It’s very simple to use, just plug one end into your iPhone and the USB end into any available USB port be it in a car, on a game console, HDTV, Mac, PC or a stereo. Once you’re done charging, just disconnect both ends, return the strip back to its original position, place it back into your wallet and forget about it until the next time you need it.

We have to give props to the designers for coming up with a very simple, flexible and functional charger. Plus, the ChargeCard is one of the more successful Kickstarter projects that was able to generate more than enough funds to get the product off the ground. The ChargeCard has already started shipping and costs about $25. The peripheral works with Android devices via microUSB attachment – said to come later this month. It works seamlessly with the iPhone 4/4s via its 30-pin connector ; a lightning port version for the iPhone 5 is also in the works.

It might be a bit expensive for some, but the idea of being able to carry a reliable charger in your pocket makes up for it.


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