Budget Tesla Model S EV Coming, Still Energy Efficient


If you are looking for an electric vehilce (EV), Tesla Motors has got something for you, on a budget. They got the pocket-friendly 60-kWh Tesla Model S derived from the 85-kWh version. The vehicle has been delayed but already got certified by EPA.

The new Tesla Models S is able to run 208 miles, as gauged by EPA – still efficient but compared to the higher-end version, the 85-kWh model can take you as far as 265 miles when the battery is full charged.

More analysts revealed that the 60-kWh is more efficient because on the average, it has 95 miles/gallon consumption. On city driving, it consumes around 94 gallons whereas the volume is a bit higher to 97 on highway road runs. On the other hand, the 85-kWh version is a little disappointment considering its hefty price. It can only accommodate 89 miles of distance for every gallon of black gold, on the average. Compared to the promises of the 60-kWh version, this Tesla Model S can run for only 88 MPGe on city surfing while its life is stretched to 94 MPGe on highway. That is about 6-7% less efficient than that of the cheaper model.

Testa Model S with 60 kWh battery pack is an auto on budget, but not necessarily with less efficiency, in fact it has been claimed that it gained a slight increase in efficiency which the lighter power source could account for. It comes at a price of $60,000, cheaper than the 85-kWh version at $70,000.

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