Brolly Umbrella Allows You To Text Comfortably Even While Raining


Smartphones have become such an intrinsic part of people’s lives these days. Countless consumers are barely seen without their phones and companies are scrambling to meet the burgeoning demand for better smart phones and accessories. Even something as mundane as an umbrella has been given a new twist so people can use their smart phones comfortably even under adverse weather conditions.

The Brolly Umbrella comes from the creative minds of a Chicago based design team who probably have had enough of finger contortions just to send a message while holding up an umbrella during a rainy day. The Brolly Umbrella looks just like any umbrella except for the fact that is has an ergonomic handle and finger holes. The four finger holes on the handle ensure that you have a firm grip on your umbrella while leaving your thumb free to text. The finger holes are edged with a rubber material that’s comfortable to the hand while the handle is made by a durable ABS plastic, a material that can hold up against any weather.

The Brolly Umbrella is available in blue or black shades and can be folded up so that it can easily fit in your hand or purse. It’s a bit pricier than the other umbrellas at $20 so one should be extra careful not to lose it.


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